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SPECIES Lepus (? [see comments under species]) saxatilis

Author:F. Cuvier, 1823.
Citation:Dict. Sci. Nat., 26: 309.
Common Name:Scrub Hare
Type Locality:"il habite les contrées qui se trouvent à trois journées au nord du cap de Bonne-Espérance," [Cape of Good Hope, South Africa].
Distribution:South Africa (former Cape Province [and Zululand north to C KwaZulu-Natal?]) and S Namibia.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Placed by Gureev (1964:203) in subgenus Proeulagus, and in Sabanalagus by Averianov, 1998). Formerly included crawshayi and whytei, see Ansell (1978:67), Swanepoel et al. (1980:159), and Robinson and Dippenaar (1983b, 1987); but see also Petter (1961a, 1972b). Angermann (1983) considered whytei a distinct species that includes crawshayi; Flux and Angermann (1990) placed both as subspecies of victoriae (= microtis); see comments therein. The range of saxatilis completely overlaps the range of capensis sensu stricto, except in northern Southwest Africa, Botswana and Mozambique, where the smaller northern subspecies (subrufus) is allopatric with respect to both large capensis and the southern race of equally large L. s. saxatilis (Flux and Angermann, 1990; Smithers, 1983).


SUBSPECIES saxatilis



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