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SPECIES Phenacomys intermedius

Author:Merriam, 1889.
Citation:N. Am. Fauna, 2: 32.
Common Name:Western Heather Vole
Type Locality:Canada, British Columbia Prov., 20 mi (32 km) NNW Kamloops.
Distribution:NW British Columbia and SW Alberta, Canada, south to N New Mexico, C Utah, and N California, USA; disjunct populations in EC California and W Nevada, USA.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Howell (1926) originally recognized three species (intermedius, mackenzii, and ungava) of heather voles, later reduced to two (intermedius and ungava including mackenzii) by Anderson (1942, 1947). Crowe (1943) further lumped all under intermedius based on suspected intergrades from SW Alberta, and the recognition of a single species has been generally followed (e.g., Banfield, 1974; Corbet and Hill, 1991; Hall and Cockrum, 1953) but not exclusively so (Cowan and Guiguet, 1965; Miller and Kellogg, 1955; Peterson, 1966). Foster and Peterson (1961) questioned Crowe’s appreciation of age-effects in his identification of the alleged intergrades between intermedius and ungava. As remarked by Cowan and Guiguet (1965), the matter of their synonymy "requires more detailed examination before a decision can be reached," an appraisal which stands equally valid today. See McAllister and Hoffmann (1988, Mammalian Species, 305, including ungava).



    celsus A. B. Howell, 1923
    constablei J. A. Allen, 1899
    laingi Anderson, 1942
    levis A. B. Howell, 1923
    olympicus Elliot, 1899
    oramontis Rhoads, 1895
    orophilus Merriam, 1891
    preblei Merriam, 1897
    pumilus (Elliot, 1899)
    truei J. A. Allen, 1894

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