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SPECIES Petromyscus collinus

Author:Thomas and Hinton, 1925.
Citation:Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1925: 237.
Common Name:Pygmy Rock Mouse
Type Locality:Namibia, Damaraland, Karibib, northwest of Windhoek, 3142 ft (958 m).
Distribution:SW Angola (along the Inselberge belt between Namib and mopani areas; Crawford-Cabral, 1966b, 1998) and Kaokoveld region in N Namibia, south through Namibia, to W Limpopo of South Africa south of the Orange River in Goodhouse and Pella areas; also recorded from Western Cape Prov.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reviewed by Skinner and Smithers (1990) and de Graaff (1997jj). Roberts (1951) listed capensis, known only from Goodhouse, as a species, and Meester et al. (1986) treated it as a full synonym of P. collinus barbouri. In arranging capensis as a subspecies of P. collinus, however, Shortridge and Carter (1938) properly reflected its affinity and appreciated that its morphology is unlike P. barbouri, which they described in the same paper and knew well. Roberts (1951) also treated bruchus (S Namibia, Great Brukkaros Mtn) as a separate species, merging the northern shortridgei as a subspecies. The latter is clearly a species separate from P. collinus (see comments under shortridgei), but the status of bruchus will have to be illuminated in a revision; the few specimens we have seen from Great Brukkaros Mtn are examples of P. collinus.



    bruchus (Thomas and Hinton, 1925)
    capensis Shortridge and Carter, 1938
    kaokoensis Roberts, 1938
    kurzi Lehmann, 1955
    namibensis Roberts, 1948
    rufus Lundholm, 1955
    variabilis Lundholm, 1955

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