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SPECIES Tachyoryctes naivashae

Author:Thomas, 1909.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 8, 4: 547.
Common Name:Navivasha African Mole Rat
Type Locality:S Kenya, Lake Naivasha, 6350 ft (1935 m).
Distribution:Kenya; recorded from plains S and SW of Lake Naivasha to near the Tanzanian border (Hollister, 1919); may also occur in N Tanzania.
Status:IUCN Endangered.
Comments:Considered by Thomas (1909b:547) to be the smallest in body size of the East African Tachyoryctes and occurring "quite close" to the two largest (T. annectens and T. storeyi). "Its small size and flattened skull will readily separate it from any other form" (Thomas, 1909b). See Hollister (1919) for notes on habitat and collection localities.



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