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SPECIES Tachyoryctes annectens

Author:Thomas, 1891.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 7: 304.
Common Name:Mianzini African Mole Rat
Type Locality:SW Kenya, Mianzini, E of Lake Naivasha (Hollister, 1919).
Distribution:Known only from vicinity of type locality.
Status:IUCN Endangered.
Comments:Hollister (1919) noted the distinctively large size of the holotype and commented that none of the large series (at USNM) from S and SW of Lake Naivasha, identified as the small-bodied T. naivashae, approached it. Apparently the type locality has never been fixed ("either Masai-land or inland British East Africa" were given in the original description), but assumed to be in the vicinity of Mianzini because other field specimens of mammals accompanying the holotype of annectens were labeled with this locality. Hollister mentioned that the only other Tachyoryctes of so large a body size is the Mt Kenyan endemic T. rex. Locating the geographic source of the holotype of T. annectens and ascertaining its relationship to T. rex warrant further inquiry.



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