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SPECIES Stylodipus telum

Author:Lichtenstein, 1823.
Citation:Naturhist. Anhang (or Eversmann's Reise Orenburg): 120.
Common Name:Thick-tailed Three-toed Jerboa
Type Locality:Kazakhstan, steppe along NE shore of Aral Sea (Ognev, 1963b:303).
Distribution:E Ukraine, N Caucasus, W Turkmenistan, W Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (Kuznetsov, 1965; Shenbrot, 1991b); E to N Xinjiang, China (see Chen and Wang, 1985; Ma et al., 1987; Mi et al., 1990; Qian et al., 1965; Shou, 1962; Wang, 2003; and Zheng and Zhang, 1990; but see comment below; Chinese range mapped by Zhang et al., 1997). See Shenbrot et al. (1995) for overall distribution
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reviewed by Gromov and Erbajeva (1995), Ognev (1963b) and Shenbrot et al. (1995); subspecific revision contributed by Shenbrot (1991b). Karyotype provided by Vorontsov et al. (1969d). Because S. andrewsi is considered a synonym of S. telum by some workers, some of the earlier published records of S. telum from China represent S. andrewsi. Wang (2003) records S. telum only from N Xinjiang. See comments under S. andrewsi and S. sungorus. European Pleistocene records reviewed by Kowalski (2001). For synonyms see Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951), Shenbrot (1991b), Shenbrot et al. (1995).



    amankaragai (Selewin, 1934)
    birulae (Martino, 1922)
    falzfeini (Brauner, 1913)
    halticus (Brandt, 1844)
    karelini (Selewin, 1934)
    nastjukovi Shenbrot, 1991
    proximus (Fairmaire, 1853)
    turovi (Heptner, 1934)

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