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SPECIES Jaculus jaculus

Author:Linnaeus, 1758.
Citation:Syst. Nat., 10th ed., 1: 63.
Common Name:Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
Type Locality:Egypt, Giza Pyramids.
Distribution:N Africa in Senegal (Bâ et al., 2000; Duplantier and Granjon, 1992), NE Nigeria (Happold, 1987) and Niger, from S Mauritania to Morocco (see range map in Aulagnier and Thévenot. 1986, and Bâ et al., 2001), E through Algeria (Kowalski and Rzebik-Kowalska, 1991), Tunisia (Vesmanis, 1984) and Libya (Ranck, 1968) to Sudan (Setzer, 1956), Ethiopia and Eritrea (Yalden et al., 1996), Egypt (Osborn and Helmy, 1980), and Somalia; throughout Arabia (Harrsion and Bates, 1991; Al-Jumaily, 1998, for Yemen), the Sinai and Israel (Mendelssohn and Yom-Tov, 1999) through Iraq (Hatt, 1959) to SW Iran (Lay, 1967). Granjon et al. (1992:272) stated that this species "has probably only recently reached Senegal from Mauritania where it was previously known to occur."
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Ranck (1968) recognized two species in this complex, J. jaculus and J. deserti, but Harrison (1978) showed that they are conspecific based on Ranck's criteria (see also discussion in Corbet, 1978c:152). Mendelssohn and Yom-Tov (1999) suggested that schlueteri is a species because it occurs adjacent to J. j. vocator in Israel without apparently intergrading as was claimed by Harrison and Bates (1991). Karyotype given by Al Saleh and Khan (1984) and Granjon et al. (1992). For synonyms see Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951) and Corbet (1978c).



    aegyptius (Lichtenstein, 1827)
    airensis Thomas and Hinton, 1921
    arenaceous Ranck, 1968
    butleri Thomas, 1922
    centralis Thomas and Hinton, 1921
    collinsi Ranck, 1968
    cufrensis Ranck, 1968
    darricarrerei Lataste, 1883
    deserti Loche, 1867
    elbaensis Setzer, 1955
    favillus Setzer, 1955
    favonicus Thomas, 1913
    florentiae Cheesman and Hinton, 1924
    fuscipes Ranck, 1968
    gordoni Thomas, 1903
    hirtipes (Lichtenstein, 1823)
    loftusi Blanford, 1875
    macromystax (Lichtenstein, 1828)
    macrotarsus (Wagner, 1840)
    microtis Reichenow, 1887
    oralis Cheesman and Hinton, 1924
    rarus Ranck, 1968
    schlueteri Nehring, 1901
    sefrius Thomas and Hinton, 1921
    syrius Thomas, 1922
    tripolitanicus Ranck, 1968
    vastus Ranck, 1968
    vocator Thomas, 1921
    vulturnus Thomas, 1913
    whitchurchi Ranck, 1968

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