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SPECIES Salpingotus (Salpingotus) kozlovi

Author:Vinogradov, 1922.
Citation:In Kozlov, Mongolia and Amdo: 542.
Common Name:Kozlov’s Pygmy Jerboa
Type Locality:Mongolia: Gobi desert, Khara-Khoto.
Distribution:Deserts of S and SE Mongolia; and China: Nei Mongol, Xinjiang, Gansu, N Shaanxi, and Ningxia (see Chen and Wang, 1985; Ma et al., 1987; Mi et al., 1990; Qian et al., 1965; Qin, 1991; Wang, 1990, 2003; and Zheng and Zhang, 1990; Chinese range mapped by Zhang et al., 1997).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Subgenus Salpingotus. See Corbet (1978c) for comment regarding allocation of specimen from Irtysh River on Kazakhstan-Chinese border to S. crassicauda. Reviewed by Ognev (1963b). Study of geographic variation in Mongolian samples provided by Sokolov and Shenbrot (1988).



    xiangi Hou and Jiang, 1994

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