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SPECIES Salpingotus (Anguistodontus) crassicauda

Author:Vinogradov, 1924.
Citation:Zool. Anz., 61: 150.
Common Name:Thick-tailed Pygmy Jerboa
Type Locality:China, N Xinjiang, Altai Gobi, near Schara-sumé (Sharasume), approx. 160km S Russia-Mongolian border. Most authors list the type locality as being in W Mongolia, but it is actually in N Xinjiang, China (G. Shenbrot, pers. comm.).
Distribution:Steppes and deserts of NW China (Xinjiang, Nei Mongol, and Gansu; Chen and Wang, 1985; Ma et al., 1987; Wang, 2003; Zheng and Zhang, 1990; Chinese range mapped by Zhang et al., 1997), S and SW Mongolia, and adjacent E Kazakhstan in Lake Zaysan basin (see Naumov and Lobachev, 1975; Vorontsov and Shenbrot, 1984; Vorontsov et al., 1969a). General distribution mapped by Shenbrot et al. (1995).
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Subgenus Anguistodontus. Populations south of Lake Balkhash and north of Aral Sea previously included in S. crassicauda now recognized as a distinct species, S. pallidus. Reviewed by Ognev (1963b). Taxonomic study of Mongolia and Zaysan Basin populations provided by Sokolov and Shenbrot (1988). Karyotype elaborated by Vorontsov et al. (1969d). Reviewed by Ognev (1963b), Gromov and Erbajeva (1995) and Shenbrot et al. (1995).



    gobicus Sokolov and Shenbrot, 1988

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