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SPECIES Cardiocranius paradoxus

Author:Satunin, 1903.
Citation:Ann. Mus. Zool. Acad. Imp. Sci. St. Petersbourg, 7: 584.
Common Name:Five-toed Pygmy Jerboa
Type Locality:China, NW Gansu, Nan Shan, Shargol-Dzhin.
Distribution:China (N Xinjiang, C Nei Mongol, N Ningxia, and Gansu; see G. Shenbrot, in litt., 2003; Ma et al., 1987; Mi et al., 1990; Qin, 1991; Wang, 2003; Zhang et al., 1997, and Zhou et al., 1985); Mongolia; S Tuviskaya Oblast, and E Kazakhstan (see Ilchenko and Volodin, 1992, and Sokolov and Shenbrot, 1988). Shenbrot et al. (1995) provide overall distribution map.
Status:IUCN Vulnerable.
Comments:A morphometric study by Sokolov and Shenbrot (1988) indicated that the Kazakhstan population falls within the range of intraspecific variation for C. paradoxus, and is not a separate species as was suggested by Gromov and Baranova (1981). For detailed habitat data see Naumov and Lobachev (1975). Reviewed by Gromov and Erbajeva (1995) and Shenbrot et al. (1995).



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