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SPECIES Pygeretmus (Alactagulus) pumilio

Author:Kerr, 1792.
Citation:In Linnaeus, Anim. Kingdom: 275.
Common Name:Dwarf Fat-tailed Jerboa
Type Locality:Kazakhstan, between Caspian Sea and Irtysh River. Pavlinov and Rossolimo (1987) listed Kirghiz Steppe, "the old Russian name for Central Kazakhstan" (G. Shenbrot, in litt., 2003) as the type locality for this species.
Distribution:From the Don River (Russia) through Kazakhstan to the Irtysh River (Kuznetsov, 1965; Sludskii, 1977), south to NE Iran (Lay, 1967); E to S Mongolia (Bannikov, 1954); China: W Nei Mongol (Ma et al., 1987), N Xinjiang (Chen and Wang, 1985; Ma et al., 1987), Gansu, and Ningxia (Wang, 2003; Chinese range mapped in Zhang et al., 1997).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Alactagulus (see Pavlinov and Rossolimo, 1987). The name pygmaeus is preoccupied and is an invalid junior synonym of pumilio, (Corbet, 1978c; Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951). Reviewed by Ognev (1963b) and Shenbrot et al. (1995). Reviewed also by Gromov and Erbajeva (1995) who retained Alactagulus as the genus, not subgenus, for pumilio. For synonyms see Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951), Corbet, (1978c), and Shenbrot et al. (1995).



    acontion (Pallas, 1811)
    aralensis (Ognev, 1948)
    brachyotis (Ostrouchov, 1889)
    dinniki (Satunin, 1920)
    minor (Pallas, 1779)
    minutus (Blainville, 1817)
    pallidus (Vinogradov, 1933)
    potanini (Vinogradov, 1926)
    pumilio (Kerr, 1792)
    pygmaea (Pallas, 1779)
    tanaiticus (Ognev, 1948)
    turcomanus (Heptner and Samorodov, 1939)

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