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SPECIES Allactaga (Paralactaga) williamsi

Author:Thomas, 1897.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 20: 309.
Common Name:Williams’s Jerboa
Type Locality:Turkey, near Van Gölü.
Distribution:Anatolian Artemisia steppe of Turkey except in SE, Caucasia, Afghanistan, and Iran (see Colak et al., 1994, and references therein; Kryštufek and Vohralík, 2001; range mapped as euphratica by Shenbrot et al., 1995, and recorded from N Turkey as euphratica by Pamukoglu and Albayrak, 1996 ).
Status:caprimulga Ellerman, 1948; laticeps Nehring, 1903; schmidti Satunin, 1907.



    caprimulga Ellerman, 1948
    laticeps Nehring, 1903
    schmidti Satunin, 1907

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