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SPECIES Allactaga (Allactaga) elater

Author:Lichtenstein, 1825.
Actual Date:1828
Citation:Abh. König. Akad. Wiss., Berlin, 1825: 155.
Common Name:Small Five-toed Jerboa
Type Locality:W Kazakhstan, Kirgiz Steppe. The type locality given by Lichtenstein (1828) is in W Kazakhstan, according to Vinogradov (1937), Kuznetsov (1944, 1965), and Ognev (1963b), not E Kazakhstan as reported by Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951:529) and Corbet (1978c:154).
Distribution:SW Pakistan (Roberts, 1977, 1997); Afghanistan (Hassinger, 1973); Iran (Lay, 1967); E Turkey (Kryštufek and Vohralík, 2001); Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, N Caucasus, north along W Caspian Sea to Lower Volga south to Turkmenistan, east through Kazakhstan (see Kuznetsov, 1965; Sludskii, 1977; and Shenbrot, 1993) to NE Xinjiang, Nei Mongol, and N Gansu, China (Ma et al., 1987; Chinese range mapped in Zhang et al., 1997), and western Mongolia (Sokolov and Orlov, 1980), in desert and semi-desert zones. Overall range mapped in Shenbrot et al. (1995).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Allactaga. Does not include vinogradovi (see comment therein). Detailed review provided by Ognev (1963b). Karyotype contributed by Vorontsov et al. (1969c). Subspecific revision and additional distributional data provided by Shenbrot (1993). Segments in Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan reviewed by Gromov and Erbajeva (1995) and Shenbrot et al. (1995). Shenbrot (in litt., 2003) is skeptical about distribution of this species in Nei Mongol, and N Gansu, China due to possible misidentification with Pygeretmus pumilio. For synonyms see Corbet (1978c, 1984) and Shenbrot (1993).



    aralychensis Satunin, 1901
    bactriana Blyth, 1863
    caucasicus Nehring, 1900
    dzungariae Thomas, 1912
    heptneri Pavlenko and Denisov, 1976
    indica Gray, 1842
    kizljaricus Satunin, 1907
    strandi Hepner, 1934
    turkmeni Goodwin, 1940
    zaisanicus Shenbrot, 1993

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