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SPECIES Allactaga (Orientallactaga) balikunica

Author:Hsia and Fang, 1964.
Citation:Acta Zootaxon. Sin., 6: 16.
Common Name:Balikun Jerboa
Type Locality:China, Xinjiang, Balikun.
Distribution:Mongolia, from Altai Sumon east to Bordzon-Gobi (Sokolov et al., 1981a), and NE Xinjiang, China (Ma et al., 1987).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Orientallactaga. Closely related to A. bullata, with which it is parapatric in S Mongolia where the two species occur together in a narrow strip several kilometers wide (G. Shenbrot, in litt., 2003). Listed as a subspecies of A. bullata by Wang (2003).



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