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SPECIES Castor canadensis

Author:Kuhl, 1820.
Citation:Beitr. Zool. Vergl. Anat., 1: 64.
Common Name:American Beaver
Type Locality:Canada, Hudson Bay.
Distribution:Alaska and Canada south of the Arctic Circle (including Vancouver and Newfoundland), most of the continental United States (absent from parts of SW USA and from most of Florida), extending into N Mexico. See Hall (1981:604). Introduced to Tierra del Fuego (South America) and Eurasia, including Finland, NW Russia, Poland, Germany, and Austria.
Status:IUCN – Data Deficient as C. c. phaeus (from Admiralty Island in Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago); Not Evaluated as C. c. frondator and C. c. mexicanus; otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reviewed by Jenkins and Busher (1979, Mammalian Species, 120). With the exception of pacificus (type locality Cascade Mtns, Washington), which was held in synonymy with leucodontus (type locality Vancouver Isl, British Columbia), Hall (1981) recognized all named forms as valid subspecies. Pending a critical review, no subspecies are recognized here.



    acadicus Bailey and Doutt, 1942
    baileyi Nelson, 1927
    belugae Taylor, 1916
    caecator Bangs, 1913
    carolinensis Rhoads, 1898
    concisor Warren and Hall, 1939
    duchesnei Durrant and Crane, 1948
    frondator Mearns, 1897
    idoneus Jewett and Hall, 1940
    labradorensis Bailey and Doutt, 1942
    leucodontus Gray, 1869
    mexicanus Bailey, 1913
    michiganensis Bailey, 1913
    missouriensis Bailey, 1919
    pacificus Rhoads, 1898
    pallidus Durrant and Crane, 1948
    phaeus Heller, 1909
    repentinus Goldman, 1932
    rostralis Durrant and Crane, 1948
    sagittatus Benson, 1933
    shastensis Taylor, 1916
    subauratus Taylor, 1912
    taylori Davis, 1939
    texensis Bailey, 1905

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