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SPECIES Spermophilus (Spermophilus) pallidicauda

Author:Satunin, 1903.
Citation:Ezhegodnik Zoologicheskii Muzeya, Akademii Nauk, St. Petersburg, 7: 5-6.
Common Name:Pallid Ground Squirrel
Type Locality:"vicinity of Lake Khulu-Nur", Ullyn Bulyk, Baidarak river, Mongolian Atlai. Mongolia, Gobi Altai.
Distribution:This monotypic species is endemic to Mongolia and the adjacent Nei Mongol Autonomous Region (Inner Mongolia).
Comments:Subgenus Spermophilus (Gromov et al., 1965). In addition to constant morphological differences, it also differs in chromosome number and molecular sequence from major and erythrogenys, in which it was previously placed (Corbet, 1978c; Sokolov and Orlov, 1980), having a sister species relationship with alashanicus (Harrison et al., 2003).



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