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SPECIES Galeopterus variegates

Author:Audebert, 1799.
Citation:Hist Nat. Singes Makis, sig. Rr. Java.
Common Name:Sunda Flying Lemur
Type Locality:Indonesia, Java
Distribution:Indochina to Java (Indonesia), Borneo, and most associated islands.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc) as Cynocephalus variegatus.
Comments:Cabrera (1925) gave Geoffroy (1796) as the author of this nomen. I was unable to locate this reference. However, reading Geoffroy (1803) suggests that he only used French common names for this species in 1796. Desmarest (1820) supported this interpretation. Also, Cabrera (1925) listed G. marmoratus (Temminck, 1829) as a synonym of G. variegatus. I was unable to locate this description. Not listed in Sherborn (1927, 1931), not contained in Temminck (1824-1841). Desmarest (1820) incorrectly gave the localities of G. rufus and G. ternatensis as Pelew Isl and Ternate respectively. Here, these nomina are synonomized with G. variegatus because the descriptions in Desmarest (1820) seem closer to this species, and because his plate 22, fig. 2, illustrates an animal with the characteristically narrow rostrum of G. variegatus. Chasen and Kloss (1929a) described G. v. terutaus and G. v. perhentianus as subspecies. See Chasen and Kloss (1929b), Chasen (1940), Corbet and Hill (1992), and Stafford and Szalay (2000).



    abbotti Lyon, 1911
    aoris Miller, 1903
    borneanus Lyon, 1911
    chombolis Lyon, 1909
    gracilis Miller, 1903
    hantu Cabrera, 1924
    lautensis Lyon, 1911
    lecheyi Gyldenstolpe, 1919
    natunae Miller, 1903
    peninsulae Thomas, 1908
    pumilis Miller, 1903
    rufus Desmarest, 1820
    saturatus Miller, 1903
    taylori Thomas, 1908
    tellonis Lyon, 1908
    temminckii Waterhouse, 1838
    ternatensis Desmarest, 1817
    tuancus Miller, 1903
    undatus Wagner, 1839
    varius Desmarest, 1817
    marmoratus (Temminck, 1829)
    terutaus Chasen and Kloss, 1929
    perhentianus Chasen and Kloss, 1929

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