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SPECIES Loxodonta africana

Author:Blumenbach, 1797.
Citation:Handb. Naturgesch., 5th ed.: 125.
Common Name:African Bush Elephant
Type Locality:Restricted to the Orange River, South Africa by Pohle (1926; see Allen, 1939).
Distribution:Sub-Saharan, except C and W coast of Africa, including 30 countries from Senegal in the west to Somalia in the east.
Status:CITES Appendix II for Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, Appendix I for other African countries; U.S. ESA Threatened; IUCN Endangered.
Comments:See Laursen and Bekoff (1978, Mammalian Species, 92) and Deraniyagala (1955). The name cornaliae (Aradas, 1870) is based on a Loxodonta molar from Catania, Sicily, and inferentially was a Carthaginian import (C. Groves, pers comm., 2002). The North African names (berbericus, hannibali, pharaohensis) were placed in this synonymy instead of under L. cyclotis per suggestion of Colin Groves (pers. comm., 2002).



    angolensis Frade, 1928
    berbericus Seurat, 1930
    capensis (G. Cuvier, 1798)
    cavendishi (Lydekker, 1907)
    cornaliae (Aradas, 1870)
    hannibali (Deraniyagala, 1953)
    knochenhaueri (Matschie, 1900)
    mocambicus (Frade, 1924)
    orleansi (Lydekker, 1907)
    oxyotis Matschie, 1900
    peeli (Lydekker, 1907)
    pharaohensis Deraniyagala, 1948
    rothschildi (Lydekker, 1907)
    selousi (Lydekker, 1907)
    toxotis (Lydekker, 1907)
    typicus Blumenbach, 1797
    zukowskyi Strand, 1924

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