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SPECIES Monodelphis brevicaudata

Author:Erxleben, 1777.
Citation:Syst. Regni Anim., 1: 80.
Common Name:Northern Red-sided Opossum
Type Locality:"In Americae australis silvis;" restricted to Surinam by Matschie (1916).
Distribution:Venezuela, the Guianas, and adjacent Brasil.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reviewed by Voss et al. (2001), who restricted the name to populations in the Guiana Region of northern South America. The name orinoci (Thomas) has been applied to populations in the Venezuelan Llanos north and west of the Orinoco by several authors (e.g., Reig et al., 1977; Linares, 1998). Apparently, that population lacks a name. The name brachyura Burnett, 1830, is an incorrect subsequent spelling of brachyuros (Schreber).



    brachyuros (Schreber, 1777)
    dorsalis (J. A. Allen, 1904)
    hunteri (Waterhouse, 1841)
    orinoci (Thomas, 1899)
    sebae (Gray, 1827)
    surinamensis (Zimmermann, 1780)
    touan (Bechstein, 1800)
    touan (Shaw, 1800)
    touan (Daudin in Lacépède, 1802)
    tricolor (E. Geoffroy, 1803)

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